Victory (Status Quo) for Net Metering in Louisiana

On June 26, 2013, I had the pleasure of supporting the Gulf States Renewable Energy Industries Association in a hearing before the Louisiana Public Service Commission. For the past 18 months, primarily at the behest of one Commissioner, the solar and utility community has been engaged in a review of the state’s net metering rules. The Commissioner could not get a majority, but finally was unable to avoid a vote. The majority of the Commission sided with the solar community and the effort to roll back net metering was stopped. For now.

Here is the
GSREIA press release.

And here is
more great coverage on from the Alliance for Affordable Energy blog - who does great work for clean energy in Louisiana.

And here is my testimony before the Commission on behalf of GSREIA. Bottom line: the growing body of evidence about the value of distributed solar says that net metering is, if anything, UNDER-compensation. Certainly, careful analysis should come before any roll-back and the damage it would do to investors and businesses across Louisiana.

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The Oxford American - The Revolution Will Be Solarized

Chris Warren just published a great piece on solar in the US South in the most recent issue of The Oxford American. You can find the article HERE.

The piece traces the history, promise and problems of getting more solar energy development in the South (and the rest of the US). Chris interviewed me about the disruptive nature of solar technologies and the work we did at Austin Energy on the #valueofsolar rate.